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How did I choose the title for my book?

LeGalia Greenard-Bester

I decided on the title, "Journey to Happiness " in the 24th hour of completion. The original name was "Wait a minute, I'm not ready yet as well as a different cover. I started watching youtube. I started to think did my cover have anything to do with my story and I realized that it did not.

For the most part, this book is about Kizziah Kirkland really had to sit down and look on the inside of herself. She had some very dark days. I actually think the name such have been Cursed. I just did not want to be weighed down by the name. People as all the time what is the name of your book? Saying "Cursed" all the time, I will start to feel Cursed. Then It came to me that every character in the book is looking for some form of Happiness.

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